Measures for the Prevention of COVID-19

Apr 03, 2020

Dear customers
Thank you for your continued support under the current exceptional circumstances.
As the new coronavirus disease COVID-19 continues to spread in Japan, we—Shibunkaku and Shibunkaku Publishing—, under all circumstances remain committed to the safety and health of our guests and staff and have taken the following measures:
•Alternating staff working hours <April 1 to 25>
Shibunkaku staff is currently divided into two teams, A and B. Both teams work half–time from the office and half–time from home. The office times of Team A and B are on different days in order to minimize any risk of infections spreading among staff members, while at the same time sustaining our business operations.
•Providing and encouraging use of hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk for all staff, visiting business partners and guests.
•Supervision of staff health
Since March 5, all staff are required to measure their body temperature before entering their offices and will not be allowed to work in case of more than 37.5 °C. In case of illness, we require all staff to report daily on their body temperature and overall condition to their superiors, and we share this information with the whole company.
Should any suspicion of COVID-19 arise, we will immediately report to the health authorities and respond according to their instructions.
Due to the alternating staff hours, there might be delays in responding to inquiries via phone or email or the online shop.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.