We are dedicated to the inheritance, promotion and creation of the best-quality art and culture.
Since our establishment in 1937, we have been committed to the inheritance of Japanese culture through art and antiquarian book dealing, gallery operation and publishing businesses.


Through art and antiquarian book dealing, as well as publishing, we are committed to introducing the time-transcending Japanese aesthetics to a wide audience. We provide professional valuations for all genres of Japanese antiquity, aiming to pass the best-quality art works and valuable historical materials to the future generations.


Through our specialists` in-depth investigation and research, we promote thorough understanding of Japanese art and culture. Meanwhile, we strive to reach a wider and more diverse audience through active participation on various media.
We currently concentrate on the promotion of fine Japanese art and culture to the international audience, for we believe that the worldwide recognition reconfirms the value of, and brings new life to Japanese art and culture.


We are committed to the promotion of emerging artists, as well as the established yet little known ones to the public and our clients. Furthermore, we propose the concept of a new and timeless space, in which internationally recognised art and crafts, regardless of nationality, genre and time, can be enjoyed in a new light.
Our publishing division aims to generate further and deeper academic communication, through the introduction of independent and young scholars` written works to the public.
Through our diverse art and culture business and activities, we play a vital role in cultivating human resources in the field of art and culture.

Fine Art
In order to offer fine art works in excellent condition at suitable prices to our clients, we make no compromise on searching for the best-quality works on various routes in and out of Japan. Valuations are carried by our specialists based on expert knowledge.


Shibunkaku Bijyutsu operates Gallery Shibunkaku, which promotes modern and contemporary art and craft, showcasing the `beauty in utility` through a variety of art and craft exhibitions. Solo exhibitions of contemporary artists, established and emerging, are also organised at Gallery Shibunkaku.
At Gallery Shibunkaku, we constantly seek for novel interpretations of the timeless value of excellent art and craft, by proposing new ways of coordinating Japanese antique with contemporary living space, as well as introducing contemporary art works inspired by traditional aesthetics.


Antiquarian Book
We offer a diverse body of manuscript and printed materials, ranging from historical sutra manuscripts to modern publications.
Upon valuations conducted by our academic consultants and specialists, we strive to offer valuable antiquarian books at suitable prices to our clients.
Our clients include a number of major research institutions and museums, in Japan and abroad, who have acquired rare historical written and printed materials from us.


We have been committed to the promotion of Japanese art and culture to a wide audience for over half a century. Starting from the reprinting of a rare book, we concentrate on academic publications of history, Japanese classics, fine art and tea ceremony, as well as reference books in art and culture. Up till today, we have published a total of over 2,000 volumes in art and humanities fields.

Our Principle

The Shibunkaku Group is an art and culture corporation that is dedicated to the promotion of high-quality Japanese art and culture to the international audience and clients.



Shoshi Shibunkaku (Shibunkaku Books) is established in Shimogyō-ku, Kyoto, as a book store specialising in historical manuscript, historical book, academic book, calligraphy and painting, and handscroll. It initiates the catalog-based mail order system.


The first issue of Shibunkaku Bokuseki Shiryo Mokuroku (Shibunkaku catalog of Calligraphy and Painting) is distributed.


SHIBUNKAKU CO., LTD. is established in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto.


SHIBUNKAKU PUBLISHING CO., LTD. starts academic book publishing.


SHIBUNKAKU CO., LTD. Tokyo Branch (the present Shibunkaku Ginza) is opened.


Shibunkaku Art Museum is established in the newly built Shibunkaku Kaikan (Shibunkaku Hall) in Sakyō-ku, Kyoto.


SHIBUNKAKU CO., LTD. Kyūshū Branch (the present Shibunkaku Fukuoka) is opened.


Gallery Shibunkaku is established in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto.


Shibunkaku Group celebrates its 70th anniversary.