Shibunkaku Sales Results will remain private from 2023 May Sale onward

Jun 02, 2023

Thank you for your unwavering support of Shibunkaku Sale.
Starting from the upcoming May Sale, we have decided to maintain the confidentiality of sales results by exclusively sharing them with registered clients.
Our primary objective is to safeguard the privilege and confidentiality of Shibunkaku Sale. We strive to provide every art lover with a sense of tranquility, enabling them to fully engage in the Sales and ensuring that participants need not worry about their purchase prices becoming public.
As always, sales results will be sent to all participants and will also be accessible on the official Shibunkaku Sale website, specifically within the “My Page” section.
Guided by our mission to promote and cultivate exceptional Japanese art and culture, Shibunkaku Sale remains dedicated to bridging the gap between individuals worldwide who genuinely appreciate Japanese arts.
We express our deepest gratitude for your continuous support and eagerly anticipate your participation in our next Sale.
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