West Bund Art & Design 2021

  • West Bund Art & Design 2021

Shibunkaku participates in the eighth edition of West Bund Art & Design 2021.
This time we are bringing to Shanghai two sets of artistic approaches, aiming to present the continuous thinking and responses on the theme of “tradition and innovation” in the Japanese art world since 1945:
The reformists Bokujinkai (Ink People Society) headed by Inoue Yūichi and Morita Shiryū, who are determined to break away from the conservative calligraphy world, break free from the shackles of tradition and create freely and independently, swept over the art world in and outside of Japan with their ground-breaking avant-garde calligraphy in the 1950s.
While for Hosokawa Morihiro, a Japanese politician, former Prime Minister of Japan, a scholar and an all-rounded artist, he has been always committed to the cause of Sino-Japanese friendship and dedicating in the promotion of traditional cultures restlessly. Nowadays, he is still constantly pursuing the artistic realm of the unity of body and mind through tireless works and intellectual pursuits in his quiet retirement.
We are excited to welcome you to Shibunkaku at West Bund Art & Design 2021.
West Bund Art & Design 2021
11 – 14 November, 2021
West Bund Artistic Center
2555 Longteng Ave, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Booth A217