TEFAF Online 2021

Shibunkaku presents “Eastern Impulses: Japanese Avant-garde Calligraphy and Ceramics”
at TEFAF Online 2021
Shibunkaku participates in TEFAF Online 2021 with two calligraphic works by the eminent postwar avant-gardists Inoue Yūichi and Morita Shiryū, respectively, and one sculptural work by the contemporary experimental ceramist Ogawa Machiko.
Inoue Yūichi and Morita Shiryū, working against a background of a nation recovering from World War II, sought individual freedom and unfettered expression in a sharp-witted symbiosis of East Asian themes and techniques, with inspiration from a wide range of art including abstraction and modernism. The dynamics between Morita and Inoue—often cooperating, at times competing—served as additional fuel to power their common mission to free calligraphy from the conservative frameworks in Japan, and put it on the map of world art on an equal standing with the most advanced painting and sculpture.
Ogawa Machiko is a well-established veteran of contemporary ceramics. In addition to her education in Japan, Ogawa studied in France and Burkina Faso, using her vast knowledge of ceramic techniques to develop a visual language that is almost paleolithic, yet at the same time a deeply personal reflection of individual recollection and the organic beauty of her materials.

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Sep 9, 2021 — Sep 13, 2021 (Sep 8 invitation-only)