Seitaro Kuroda MAD DOGS

  • Seitaro Kuroda MAD DOGS

Gallery Shibunkaku

Jun 17, 2017Jul 02, 2017

Opens everyday during the exhibition

Artist will be at the gallery on June 18th and 19th.

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OPEN 10:00 — CLOSE 18:00

Shibunkaku is pleased to present MAD DOGS by Kuroda Seitaro.


The MAD DOGS series was born during Kuroda’s stay in New York.
At that time, he was making a movie of The War Fairy Tales by Nosaka Akiyuki.
He felt rather frustrated and anger at the harshness of war.
To calm himself down, he took a walk to Central Park, where he came across a dog with its elegant owner.
Somehow Koroda felt that the dog was whispering “I know how you feel” to him.


Dogs usually show obedience to human beings.
What if they are suppressed by and furious at arbitrary power?
They might as well become maddened, same as how Kuroda felt.
Inspired by this, Kuroda created the MAD DOGS. Powerfully drawn in simple lines and vivid colors, the dogs in anger become a symbol of rebellious spirit.


This exhibition presents around fifty pieces of oil paintings, acrylic and crayon works.
In the meanwhile, Kuroda also produced a limited edition of thirty silk screen-printed books of the MAD DOGS series, together with Keisuke Nagatomo, who had worked with Kuroda for about fifty years and passed away last March, and Higurashi Shinzo, who is a copywriter.
All copies come with an original cover drawn by Kuroda.
We are honored to present all copies of this rare and precious production at this exhibition.