The Miyanaga People: An Exhibition of Tōzan III.

  • The Miyanaga People: An Exhibition of Tōzan III.

Shibunkaku Kyoto

Sep 16, 2023Sep 30, 2023

*Closed 18 September
*Reception:4–6PM, 22 September
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OPEN 10:00 — CLOSE 18:00

Shibunkaku is pleased to announce “The Miyanaga People: An Exhibition of Tōzan III.”
This exhibition delves into the artistic journey of the third-generation ceramic master, Miyanaga Rikichi, also known as Tōzan III, who celebrates his 88th birthday this year. Shibunkaku will feature a diverse selection of his works, including his latest creations, which exhibit a distinctive blend of geometry and conceptualism that gained prominence in the 1980s. We will also highlight works from the 1970s during his time as active member of Sōdeisha, the avant-garde ceramic group, (“Crawling Through Mud Association”), and works made after his time in the United States. These pieces trace the artist’s creative process through his own selections, including works from the 1960s, which garnered international commendation at the “Trends in Contemporary Art” exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, and are still highly acclaimed both domestically and internationally.
This retrospective exhibition, meticulously curated by the Miyanaga family, offers an insightful journey tracing the trajectory of their artistic creations. It not only centers around the works of the Tōzan III, but also extends to the contributions of the previous masters, Tōzan I, and Tōzan II, as well as the next generation, Miyanaga Rikichi’s eldest son and second daughter, Kotaro and Aiko respectively.
We hope visitors will have the opportunity to be immersed in the history and future of the Miyanaga ceramic lineage of Kyoto and look forward to welcoming you to this historic event.
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