Ginza Curator’s Room #007 Hiroshi Yoshioka Utsushi: Aesthetics of Inheritance and Re-creation

  • Ginza Curator’s Room #007 Hiroshi Yoshioka Utsushi: Aesthetics of Inheritance and Re-creation

Shibunkaku Ginza presents the Ginza Curator’s Room series, inviting guest curators to present exhibitions at the gallery and bring their perspectives to bear on creating a “room” infused with new appeals and values.
For its’s 7th iteration, Utsushi: Aesthetics of Inheritance and Re-creation, we are pleased to welcome Mr. Yoshioka Hiroshi, an aesthete and professor at the Institute for Philosophy and Science of Art, Kyoto University of the Arts.
Following the keyword “utsushi” as the clue, Yoshioka contemplates the reproduction of antiques from the present and past, the creation of karakami paper to convey patterns that have been continuously copied since the beginning of civilization, as well as the computer music which generates from the life in human voice through the machine synthesis.
We will be having an opening event with the curator and artists on 18 April. No reservation is needed. Please feel free to join us!
Opening Talk
Date: 2024.4.18 Thu. 13:00–15:00
Venue: faculty lounge, Faculty of Law and Letters Bldg.2, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo
東京大学本郷地区キャンパス 法文2号館 教員談話室
Yoshioka Hiroshi, Gyokuu Kobayashi, Formant Brothers, Sanae Kawai (Producer: RIPPLES of PHYSIS), Hiroshi Yoshida (President of The Japanese Society for Aesthetics)
Partner: The Japanese Society for Aesthetics
Ginza Curator’s Room #007
Utsushi: Aesthetics of Inheritance and Re-creation
Curator Hiroshi Yoshioka
Artists Tawaraya Sōtatsu, Sesshū Tōyō, Murakami Kagaku, Gyokuu Kobayasi, Formant Brothers, Sanae Kawai

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