Ginza Curator’s Room #004 Junya Yamamine “Repetitive Sphere”

  • Ginza Curator’s Room #004 Junya Yamamine “Repetitive Sphere”
  • Ginza Curator’s Room #004 Junya Yamamine “Repetitive Sphere”

Shibunkaku Ginza launched the Ginza Curator’s Room series in August 2022, inviting guest curators to present exhibitions at the gallery and bring their perspectives to bear on creating a “room” infused with new appeals and values.
For its 4th iteration, Repetitive Sphere, the series welcomes Junya Yamamine, an independent curator who has previously worked at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, and Art Tower Mito. The exhibition features the work of two artists: Morita Shiryū, who founded the avant-garde calligraphy group Bokujinkai in 1952 and aspired toward a reinterpretation of calligraphy and unique form of artistic expression, and Enrico Isamu Oyama, whose practice is rooted in what he calls Quick Turn Structure, derived from analyzing and reconfiguring the visual language of aerosol writing / street art. Though separated by half a century, these two artists have much in common, not least their interests in the interrelation between writing and painting, and physicality and drawing. The exhibition comprises five calligraphy works by Morita based on the Japanese character for “circle,” paired with five new works by Oyama that are variations on his Quick Turn Structure approach that resonate with the repetition and differences evident in the Morita works.
Ginza Curator’s Room
Ginza Curator’s Room #004
“Repetitive Sphere”
Curator Junya Yamamine
Artists Enrico Isamu Oyama / Morita Shiryū

Shibunkaku Ginza

Jun 24, 2023Jul 08, 2023

Closed on Sundays
Ichibankan-Building, 5-3-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku,Tokyo 104-0061
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OPEN 10:00 — CLOSE 18:00