Frieze Viewing Room 2020

Shibunkaku is delighted to announce its participation in the online edition of Frieze Masters 2020.

With a selection of works that heavily emphasizes the contributions of postwar innovators such as Morita Shiryū, Inoue Yūichi or Ueda Sōkyū to the field of avant-garde calligraphy of Japan, Shibunkaku this time expands its outlook to also include many works by contemporaneous artists mainly from the urban centers of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.

Showing abstract paintings by Sekine Yoshio, Tsutaka Waiichi, Suda Kokuta, Dōmoto Inshō, Dōmoto Hisao and others, in addition to the ceramic works by Miyanaga Rikichi, Yagi Kazuo and Kamoda Shōji, this exhibition offers in-depth impression of various complementary approaches of Japanese postwar expression across multiple genres and media.

Oct 09, 2020 — Oct 16, 2020

Access Times
Wednesday, 7 October – VIP Preview: 12pm London time
Thursday, 8 October – Second VIP Preview: 12pm London time
Friday, 9 October – Public opening: 12pm London time
Friday, 16 October – Closing: 6pm London time