Frieze Masters 2022

  • Frieze Masters 2022

Shibunkaku participates in Frieze Masters 2022
Contemporary art in Japan began to diversify in terms of style after the mid-1950s. Thriving and highly ambitious regional art scenes inside Japan nurtured on their own mutual competition as well as their responses to the international art world. Creativity reached new boiling points in an ever-accelerating succession in the next two decades.
At this year’s Frieze Masters, Shibunkaku takes this as a starting point to throwing a spotlight on the diversity of the vigorous decades, loosely situated around the years between 1960 and 1980: from a large-scale, signature painting from Gutai member Motonaga Sadamasa, over the avant-garde calligraphies of Bokujinkai members Morita Shiryū and Inoue Yūichi, to a selection of Sodeisha members Yagi Kazuo, Suzuki Osamu, and Miyanaga Rikichi, to the works of Japan’s pre-eminent abstract painter Yamaguchi Takeo and experimental artist Miyawaki Aiko and among others.
As the special highlights we will show Tête d’homme (1969) by Pablo Picasso, the indicative of Picasso’s self-awareness in the last years before his death, along with his hand-made, decorative ceramic Spanish Pitcher and Vase with Spiral Pattern by Austrian-British Ceramist Lucie Rie.
We are excited to welcome you to Shibunkaku at Frieze Masters 2022.
Frieze Masters 2022
2022.10.12 – 10.16
The Regent’s Park, London <Google Maps>
Stand A11