Conrad Jon Godly INSIDE

  • Conrad Jon Godly INSIDE


May 07, 2016May 22, 2016

Open everyday during the exhibition


OPEN 10:00 — CLOSE 18:00

Shibunkaku Ginza

May 27, 2016Jun 05, 2016

Open everyday during the exhibition

*open until 21:00 only on May 27th


OPEN 10:00 — CLOSE 18:00

Shibunkaku is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition, “INSIDE”, a solo show of Conrad Jon Godly, at Shibunkaku, Kyoto and Shibunkaku Ginza, Tokyo.

The Swiss-born Conrad Jon Godly was first trained as a painter before pursuing a professional photographer’s career for over a decade. In his mature years, he returned to the medium of oil painting, and has concentrated on the representation of the Alps with daring and powerful brushstrokes and a minimum pallet in the past ten years. Following the inner voice of the mountains, his painting methodology is in great sympathy with that of the genre of sansui painting (the Chinese-style landscape painting) that the art historian and critic Yamashita Yuji addresses his works as ‘sansui oil paintings’.

As Godly’s second exhibition with Shibunkaku, we are proud to present his signature Alps series of various dimensions, alongside the latest paintings of waterfalls marking the artist’s departure for a new stage in his artistic career.


1962 Born in Davos (Switzerland)
1986 Graduated Basel / School of Art / Masterclass of Painting
1986-1987 Stay in the USA, first photographic works
1988-2004 Photographic work for international magazines and advertising
2005 Back in Davos (Switzerland) and back to painting
2008-2009 Studio in Vienna
2010 Advancement award of the Canton of Graubünden for large projects
2011 Advancement award of the Canton of Graubünden for small projects
2014 Marry to Kazuyo Okushiba

2016 Shibunkaku, Kyoto, Tokyo, Japan, INSIDE
2015 Tony Wuethrich Satellite, Zurich, TEN YEARS AFTER
2015 Tony Wuethrich Galerie, Zurich, KUNST 15
2014 Gallery Shibunkaku, Kyoto, Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan,
2014 Tony Wuethrich Galerie, Basel, BERG
2013 Tony Wuethrich Satellite, Zurich, BERG
2013 Tony Wuethrich Galerie, Basel
2012 Nichi Nichi Gallery, Tokyo, SMALL PAINTINGS
2012 Galerie Luciano Fasciati, Chur, STANDPUNKT
2012 Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz, URSPRUNG
2011 FS.ART, Berlin, MASSIV
2011 Galerie Katz Contemporary, Zurich, HELLDUNKEL
2009 Galerie Luciano Fasciati, Chur, TE DEUM
Many other group exhibitions at museums and galleries.

Site-specific Art
Senior Citizen’s Residence Kantengut, Chur / Koudaiji Wakuden, Kyoto, Japan /
Federal Criminal Court of Switzerland, Bellinzona / Care Home Puntreis, Disentis /
Senior Citizen’s Residence, Casa Falveng, Ems / Hospital, Flury Stiftung, Schiers