Art Collaboration Kyoto 2023

  • Art Collaboration Kyoto 2023

Shibunkaku is pleased to host an exhibition at Art Collaboration Kyoto 2023, with guest gallery, Galerie Crèvecoeur, to jointly present recent work by Vienna-based artist, Ernst Yohji Jaeger. Ernst, born to a Japanese mother and German father, is a rising artist who has inherited the spirt and beauty of both the East and West. This exhibition will primarily feature pieces by both Japanese and Western artists who have informed Ernst’s work.
In addition, an exhibition will be held at Shibunkaku’s artist-in-residence program location, SAGA HOUSE. At this exhibition, Shibunkaku will unveil special works created by Ernst Yohji Jaeger during his residency at SAGA. These special works are in part inspired by Ernst’s experience in historic Sagano, an area known for its natural scenery and deep connection to Japanese culture.
*Shibunkaku’s SAGA HOUSE exhibition is a reservation-only event. To make a reservation, please contact
Exhibited Artists: Ernst Yohji Jaeger, Autumn Ramsey, Julien Carreyn, Clio Sze To, Ono Chikkyo, Takayama Tatsuo, Nakamura Masayoshi, among others.
Art Collaboration Kyoto 2023
Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center<Google maps>
Date: October 28−30, 2023
28th 12noon – 7pm
29th 11am – 7pm
30th 11am – 5pm
Booth C10